Extra Help

Extra Help for Biology will be every Monday during lunch from 10:30-11:20 in Room 108.  Please make every effort to attend during this time period if you have questions pertaining to course material and content. Thank you!

Google Classroom

Now that we are into October we will begin using Google Classroom, an online tool that we will use for submitting assignments when appropriate. Please see below for your registration codes and make sure you are registering for the right section. From this point forward, if you see [GC] next to the assignment, please make sure you submit the assignment on Google Classroom in accordance with the due dates and requirements!


Biology Section 1 (4A): 9omt6c

Biology Section 2 (4B): pz05x6

Biology Section 3 (5A): ljk4lmk

Biology Section 4 (5B): y7avza


Welcome to the Introduction to Biology & the Principles of Genetics (BioGenetics) course at Biotechnology High School! I am very excited to get to know each of you throughout our year together. We have so many new and exciting things to learn. In order to be prepared for class please bring a writing utensil (pen or pencil) and a binder (I suggest 2 in. or larger). You will need these every day you have BioGenetics. Although I am working hard to reduce paper use and the majority of your materials will be available electronically we will still need to use print outs for some assignments and you will need a place to keep them. There is nothing you need to do instructionally in advance for class other than enjoy the last week of your summer before you officially become a freshman at Biotechnology High School!